Crying yourself asleep every night.
Your pillow case, bloodstained.
Reminding you of the wretched past.
Every day a new cut, a new bruise.
Your body has been broken before.
And today was no different.
Standing before the mirror.
Carefully wiping the blood away.
Looking into swollen eyes.
Wanting out, but not knowing how.
And you still love him.
Even after everything.
He says he's sorry, 
   doing his best to appear sincere.
You see right through the guise.
But you still believe him.
You are so afraid to stay.
You are so afraid to leave.
You see yourself as nothing.
You call yourself stupid and weak.
Feeling imprisoned physically.
Feeling imprisoned emotionally.
Feeling imprisoned spiritually.
Inside you are cold and black, empty and hollow.
There is no peace of mind for you.
As another piece of your mind dies.
Freedom seems so foreign.
You dream of it.
Still, it remains elusive.
Just out of reach.
Freedom from all the hurt and pain...
   ...from all of the harms.
Another night quietly crying yourself asleep.
As you sleep with the enemy.
Afraid of his anger and wrath.
You bury your face in your damp pillow.
Oh freedom from all this...if only.



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