In my mind I am nothing.
The sum of me amounts to zero.
Empty is my heart of everything.
All torn up, all torn down.
Storms come and carry me away in the torrent.
But a light is shining down on me.
Guiding me to safe harbour.
Guiding me home.
Warming my heart and soul.
I am breathing again for the first time.
Love has come and lifted me.
Love carries me.
I am held safe in the hands that hold the
   whole world.
I am holding on for all I am worth.
That may not be much, if anything at all.
But, it's all I have, to me that's everything.
I am become a flame.
I will burn bright.
Even if I am the dimmest light.
Shine! I can still shine! Shine I will!
I think my mind has it all wrong.
My true worth is found in who I am.
Hope is who I am.
Storms may continue to come and rage.
But the surge can only bend me, 
   never can it break me again.
My heart is filled to overflowing.
I am alive!
That's not just something, it is everything!
I am alive in the eternal light bright of love.


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