The stillness.
The peacefulness.
The light of the dark.
A dull glow of blue.
Breathe in the cold.
Breathe out the warmth.
I can hear the silence.
I can touch the air.
The chill caresses my cheeks.
The sparkle on the white shimmers 
  like diamonds.
The stars come near to kiss my face.
As I am wrapped in my awe.
This is a little bit of heaven to me.
Oh the beautiful acrid scent of burning embers
  from the fires set aflame.
Quiet prayers.
And the angels they bring.
To a land asleep.
Renewal, soon to awake.
There is the coming dawn.
But for now lets wrap all ourselves together.
May this vision of peace remain in our minds.
When the awakening takes place.
And the noise starts.
I will retreat back here into my mind.
Where these visions will dance lightly 
  in my head.
Bringing me back once again to the peace
  lingering in my mind.
I will close my eyes.
I will arrive here once more.
Waiting for reality to catch up.
Bringing stillness and peace once again.
Oh imagination.


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