I am a blade of red hot steel.
Forged in the fires of hell.
My reach is long.
My cut leaves a jagged wound.
And I cut deep.
I am poison.
I will enter you.
Invisible I am.
I will infect you.
I will devour you.
I will leave a wound that will not heal.
It will fester beyond what you even know.
I am the demon within you.
I will do more than harm.
I will do more than sicken.
I will be your demise.
You will never know me.
I do not exist.
Except in your fears.
You will remember me.
I can promise you that.
I'm the one with your blood on my hands.
I am the one who will get away with murder.
Your heart is mine to crush.
Crush it I will.
Your soul is mine to shred.
Shred it I will.
All of this is what I am.
It makes me who I am.
This is what I do, busy I am.



  1. I like it!

    And i like your site, we seem to be not that different in our themes. How great to meet you :) Personally, i can't as good as you, and i never tried poetry, but i still like it.

    My site is www.cghobbyist.com , if you want to come check it out once in a while. I will definately bookmark this site.

  2. This one may appear that i am talking about harming someone. I am, but not that I want to do such an awful act, it's just not in me.
    We all in our own actions and words quite often hurt those who love us, which often also hurts ourselves.
    This is a graphic portrayal of what that kind of hate, anger, and rage, which is often the poison that infects others.
    I do not mean it in a literal sense.
    I wrote this after having a rather heated argument, where things were said that should not have been.
    I was more than a little angry, with the other party, then later with myself for allowing such a thing to happen. I was in a very dark place when I wrote this, so thus the dark angry subject matter.
    I wrote this so as to spark thought, and discussion, it is meant to shock. So as to grab and hold one's attention.
    We cannot shy away such subjects or try and not ti talk about it.
    It's not going anywhere, and will only get worse if we keep sweeping it under the carpet and sticking our heads in the sand, hoping it will just go away by itself.
    IT WILL NOT!!!


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