I remember you well.
You were here but not.
You were here in visible silence.
When I needed you, you just let me down.
Left me alone out in the cold driving rain.
Crying tears in the rain so no one could see them.
We were together but apart.
My young mind just could not comprehend it all.
Why were you trying to hide from me?
Did you not love me any more?
I was desperate to know.
I did not know whether I should let go 
   or hold on.
Now I am that boy within this man.
That angry confused boy has become this
   angry confused man.
Still wondering where were you when I needed
   you the most?
I died because I was left all alone.
Crushed beneath the weight.
The weight that I just could not carry any more.
I carried your weight too.
From father to son.
As you went I go.
Doomed to repeat you.
I know nothing else.
Choice?! How?


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