It's hard to smile when everything is turned 
  upside down.
Everything seems to be falling in on you.
There is nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to run.
The voices always find you just as you are.
The noise they bring is crushing.
The harm and damage caused
  is beyond imaginable.
The pain that is wrought is beyond all that
  is known.
It all comes down so fast, so hard.
It's never known what just hit.
It's all just so maddening.
It can bring even the strongest down.
A world so twisted.
A life left for dead.
Still there is the expectation to carry on
  as if nothing is wrong is ever prevalent.
Judgement is harsh and cold.
Arrogant to the very end.
And yet we are all told to press forth.
You will never get anywhere if you don't.
But what if you can't?
What if there is nothing there?
One will always be just one.
As one there is just failure.
How is one meant to deal with it?
And how does one let go of everything?
Tell me, what does it all mean?
Everyone is pushing with no one going anywhere.
It's no wonder that the outlook is dark
  and hopeless.
All this pressure will have to give sometime.
The cracks have already appeared.
They're already widening.
Still the standing order is to keep standing.
Even though our legs are broken.
But I will still wear the mask given me.
I will hide the true broken man.
I will wear my best face.
You will be none the wiser.
Till I fall all apart.



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