The tears come like a mighty torrent over me.
Washing me away.
I am helpless.
I cannot keep my head above the water.
I swallow all my tears, choking on them.
I am being pulled under, deeper and deeper.
I am drowning in my own sorrow.
There is no saving me.
I am lost.
Lying on the bottom, I see only the murkiness
  that is my so-called life.
My eyes sting, so I close them tight.
I don't want to see any more anyway.
As the pressure is crushing me.
Implosion is imminent.
As the darkness of hopelessness penetrates me.
I cannot help but absorb it all, 
  becoming saturated.
Here I am drowning.
I swallow and choke.
I convulse and close my eyes.
I am no more.
My existence becomes non-existent.
You will never find me. 
It's too late for rescue.
You won't even be able to recover my shell.
The down envelopes and swallows me.
I am gone.


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  1. The tears of depression can drown a soul easily. One feels helpless, even hopeless. Try not to let yourself be drawn into the rushing torrent.


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