I can hear you quite clearly, quite loud actually.
You're in my mind.
You make so much noise.
You take all peace of mind from me.
Then make more noise.
I just cannot get away from you.
I want you to leave.
Just leave me alone!
You pushed me to the edge 
  then pushed me over it.
Reaching terminal velocity I came to rock bottom
  and smashed right through it.
There just isn't any end to all of this.
And it fills me with so much anger and rage.
Which makes me suffer for it.
And you just laugh at me.
I know you derive some perverse pleasure
  from my suffering.
The pressure continues to grow.
I clench my fists as if I was going to fight
  someone not there.
Reality grows hazy.
I'd scream out loud but my voice is broken.
Like my tongue was cut out.
I hear your laughter again.
There's a tear in my mind, and you have blood
  on your hands.
You might as well be getting away with murder.
Down on my knees, someone please hear me!
Please save me from this.
Even from myself.
I feel trapped here.
With no hope of release.
Is there anyone there?
Can anyone hear me?


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