Every day you have taken from me.
I am feeling down.
I am feeling empty.
You have taken everything from me.
I am a hollow shell of my former self.
Still you continue to take from me.
But you can't take something from nothing.
Nothing is how I feel.
Nothing is what I've become.
I don't even have anything left to give.
You have sucked the life right out of me.
I can't even lift myself up.
I can't even move.
So here I lie decaying, rotting.
I am hopeless, I am lifeless.
It even hurts to breathe.
It just plain hurts to be.
Why don't you take what is left of me?
Or do you want to torture and torment me?
You are in my mind.
You have torn my heart and soul apart.
And you have scattered all the pieces all around.
You must take some perverse pleasure out of this.
You laugh as I cry.
I just do not understand.
I do not deserve any of this.
I did not ask for any of this.
God I am crying to You.
God, will You please come and rescue me?
Please pick me up and carry me away from here.
Put the blade to my foe.
Cleave him right down the middle.
Put his rotting carcass to flame.
May the ashes rise and blow away into nothing.
Lord, my Lord, will You please breathe life
  back into me?
Can You replace all that was taken.
Can You make me whole again?
I believe You will.
Please make something out of the nothing 
  that I am.
Teach me to live again.
Teach me to love and forgive again.
With You in me I will rise again.
I will stand again.
I will be again.
I will inhale with no pain.
I will exhale, I am alive!
Thank You.


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