I walk this land as my own.
I can feel the eyes watching me.
I can feel hot breath breathing down the back of 
  my neck.
I know I am not alone.
There is one following after me.
I know there is many waiting to pounce on me.
I am not blind to them all.
I know they are there.
I will not lie.
It fills me with uneasiness.
For I know I am weak.
But I remember that I am also with another.
One who walks beside me.
One who goes before me.
One who follows up after me.
And I can feel the fire inside of me 
  begin to rage.
The uneasiness becomes assurance.
For my Saviour, my Friend, my Brother stands
  with me.
He will strike down any who come against me.
The roaring lion's mouth is snapped shut.
The wolves in lamb's clothing are disrobed.
As I walk along I will fear not.
As I walk through all of the darkness.
I will fear not.
For He is with me always.
He is my refuge, He is my shelter.
My hope and my faith.
I'm still following that star that first lead me to 
  where we first met.
And all the evil around me will fall 
  to the wayside.
As my cracked voice cries out enraptured.
The war is over, the war is over, the war is over!
For in surrender there came a victory.
Death for me is dead.
I walk this land as my own but not of my own.
For this life of mine is in service to His Majesty.
I will fall, I will be pulled down, 
  but I will always rise and rise again.
As weak as I am, strong is my hope in my faith 
  in Him.
I will stray, but He will always bring me back 
No matter what He is here with me.
Walking shoulder to shoulder with me.
Carrying me when I am wounded.
Healing me, giving me a scar.
A voice to remind me just how much I am loved.
Just what and who it took to bring me through.
So sojourn is my life.
The borrowed time is temporary and fleeting.
I will get my rest when my journey is over.
I will lay down when I reach my destination.
Till then I press on, I carry on, I fight on,
  on and on the best I can.
For I am not alone in this or in anything.
Evil cannot overcome me, evil is overcome.
Greater is He who is in me than he 
  who is in the world.
And I will fear not for He is with me all the way.


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  1. Amen! Perfect love casts out all fear. <3


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