I am looking at the path I chose.
I have fallen so many times.
I have been knocked down so many times.
But I never remained down.
I got back up and I did my best to carry on.
And then there were the times that I just could 
  not get back up.
Sometimes when I fell I broke apart.
I was hurt and wounded.
But after all those times I was left with a scar.
Reminders of where I have been and just how 
  far I have come.
Enabling me to see where I am now, 
  and which path to take from here.
Life is beautiful and those scars 
  are what make it so.
I am grateful I have made it this far.
I am grateful for what I fought and clawed 
  my way through.
And I am grateful for the knowledge I now have
  to choose my way ahead.
Now I look at the path in front of me, the one
  my choices will lead me to.


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