I have lived my life.
Or so I thought.
I find myself here.
A place too familiar to me.
Right here, still right here.
I call this place nowhere.
A place where I am apart from myself.
I am missing the peace I once knew.
But that was a different life.
One I dearly wish I could go back to.
Life just won't let me.
I guess that's the way it goes.
I feel so cold and alone.
Loneliness is my only companion.
I seem doomed to remain here.
So far down, so far away.
I have forgotten what it felt like to live 
  in the warmth of the sun's light.
But my choices have brought me here.
And it's my choices that keep me here.
Lost within myself.


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  1. Have you ever felt like you hadn't gone anywhere in your life?
    Where you've taken two steps forward but in fact you took four steps back.
    I guess that's how life is sometimes, such as it is.


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