I  don't know what to say to make all the hurt 
  go away.
I don't know what to do to ease your pain.
May comfort be with you as the healing starts.
And may the healing come to you.
I know the hopelessness.
I too feel it.
To see you cry and try to conceal it with a 
  transparent mask.
I have the same stains on my heart and soul.
But I am not you, I am just me.
With my own hurt and pain from all the harm 
  dealt to me.
And I hide it in my own way.
You walk your own path.
You go your own way, so lost and alone.
I can call out to you.
I will offer what I can.
I will be there with you, I will be there for you.
If you want me to.
If only I could just wish it all away.
But you choose to conceal it all, 
  and I don't blame you at all.
You are allowed to make your own choices 
  and decisions.
Just know you are not alone in this.
I am holding out for you.
My heart is big enough for two.


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