To tell a tale.
One few will understand.
And more will fail to see the truth,
  in what I have to say.
You see, you are ignorant, but not by fault.
No blame is put upon you.
It's just the way it is.
The tale is long, and complicated.
Still, I will put voice to it.
In hopes the ignorant will hear and
  maybe understand.
Even if in some small way.
The tale has a beginning but no end.
It is deep as an ocean, and wide as a desert.
The message is so hard to see.
But one is there, I a sure you.
Nothing is plain to see.
As all is between the lines.
I am laden with this tale to tell.
No matter if it is hard to fathom.
So, I tell the tale.
Please listen, you might just hear something.
Lend me your ear for awhile.
As I endeavour to tell a tale.


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