I'm standing here wondering.
Wondering where I am going from here.
All I know is that it's unknown.
That scares me a lot.
Just like everybody I'm afraid of the unknown.
And I fear what I cannot control.
Which is just about everything.
What am I going to do now?
What is going on right now?
Will You take me and guide me 'long the way?
Will You carry me when I am just too weak 
  to carry on myself?
I know I need You all of the time.
The path You have stretched out before me is straight,
  but, long and narrow.
I feel so uneasy.
I just don't know.
But hope is still whispering to me.
"Don't give up now, give it one more try."
That's why I still keep on keeping on.
That little hope will keep me on.
I am holding on still.
I'm hanging in there still.
Hope won't let go of me.
Hope won't let me down.
As fear grips me.
Shaking, and trembling.
Here I go.


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