We need to come together like never before.
Just hold each other.
Only as one will we heal as a whole.
Only as one can we be a light in these dark 
We must love not hate.
Anger just makes the wounds go deeper.
Hate just leads to suffering.
That's not what we need.
We need to turn our eyes towards the heavens.
We need to turn our eyes to Jesus.
Only He can heal our shattered hearts and lives.
We will hold each other and He will hold 
  all of us.
Together as one we need Jesus.
Let love reign over us again.
We may never understand any of this.
We may cry over all of this still.
But Jesus will always be there holding us.
The same hands that hold the whole world 
 will hold each and every one of us.
We will only heal as one and there is only One 
  who will heal us and make us whole again.
We need to see just how much 
  that we need Jesus.
We need Jesus.
We need Jesus.


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