All alone in my room crying.
I am bleeding on the inside.
I am bleeding on the outside.
I am so angry.
Why does this happen to me?
I don't deserve this.
Oh, how I hate you!
You are not supposed to hurt me.
I don't know why.
In my mind I just cannot comprehend.
It hurts!
It damages!
It rips and tears!
And pours fuel on the fire of rage.
Oh, how I hate you!
Oh, how I hate myself!
You leave me.
So near, yet so far away.
With only a single wall separating us.
To me, that is just not enough.
I can still hear you.
In my fragmented mind you are still hitting me.
I am crying, I am screaming.
You don't care.
You are so callous.
I am made to suffer for you.
You hate yourself.
You're afraid of yourself.
So I have to pay for it.
I hate because you hate.
I fear because you fear.
Leave me alone here.
Leave me to rot here.
Leave me to decay here.
As you do.
I cannot forget.
I cannot forgive.
I cannot love.
Me, me , me.
I hate myself!


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  1. Hate will always breed more hate. One cannot hate oneself so they must project it on to ones that are weak, and cannot protect themselves. Child abuse hurts. It kills. The innocence of a child is beaten to death. Leaving only the anger, hate and suffering behind.


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