I can hear you coming, but I am finished 
I am not going to run any more.
It's time that I take a stand.
Here I am, come, bring it!
I am not afraid of you any more.
Can you hear me?
I will take you down.
I will bring you down.
I will break you.
I will crush you.
You have wounded me for the last time.
You have hurt me for the last time.
I will not let you any more.
I am my own, not yours.
You cannot reach me, you cannot get to
  me any more.
I spit at you.
I take a step back, turning around, I walk away.
You can scream at me all you want.
I'm not listening, I cannot hear you.
You are behind me.
Your grip on me is broken.
I'm not your toy any more.
I am heading onward and upward.
I will forget about you eventually.
It's time that I begin to live.
It's time for me to rise, to arise.
No more will I be held down.
I am imprisoned within me no more.
I am free!
Just you watch me soar away on wings of eagles.
I am free!


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  1. I have been my own worst enemy for far too long, it's time that I defeat the monster in me.


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