I remember the days of my youth.
Those days spent jumping into the leaves
  at grandma's house.
Those days spent sliding down a snow and ice 
  covered hill.
Those carefree days.
They seem so few and far between now.
All the times I spent skating on the outdoor ice.
All the times dad and us went to
  the go-cart track.
'Round and 'round endlessly it seemed.
With the biggest smiles on our faces.
There were some times spent with my
  brother and sister.
At grandma's house again.
All those Christmases spent there.
I remember so fondly now.
They were so long ago.
Why did they ever end?
I miss those times.
Oh, to be a kid again!
Oh, to be free again!
Now just memories.
Like faded and weathered pictures in my head.
Hard to see and so few are left.
Those were the times of my life.
When I was young and alive.
Where did I go?
What happened to me?
Did life really have to get in the way?
Robbing me of my innocence.
I long to be that little boy again.
I want to close my eyes and wake up there again.
I want all that I have lived through
  just to be a bad dream.
I don't like the reality that I am in here.
I want a new one, I want to go back there.
At grandma's house.
With mum, dad, and my bro. and sis.
But I will still hold onto these scorched 
They are all I have now.
They keep me sane.
They keep me lucid.
They keep me alive.
I will always remember all those times 
  at grandma's house.
I will always try to hold onto that little boy.
I can be whole and innocent again.
'Cause I believe it, I believe it!


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