Down on my knees.
Forced here.
I am growing angry.
I cannot be held down.
I don't know why you even try.
You're cold to the touch.
It burns me.
You're so arrogant you're ignorant.
I will stand, facing you.
I will stare straight into your eyes.
I can see the cold dark there.
Just you try and put me down again.
I can tell you right now! It's not going to happen.
You've pushed me down for so long.
I'm not going down any more.
Push me, I will push back!
You and me, we have a hate on going on.
That suits me just fine.
I don't need you anyway.
And I'm stronger than you think.
I will stand here.
I will stand my ground.
And I mean to keep it.
It isn't much, but it's all mine.
Not yours.
So you just go ahead and try.
We'll see who pushes who down.
And I will say again, it isn't going to be me.
So we have a stalemate here now.
You're not backing down.
I'm not backing down.
By the way, you stink!


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