I know who you are.
I know what you are.
You are the demon "Stigma".
You cause so much suffering to so many.
Your reach is far.
Your claws sink deep.
Till there is total bleeding out.
So many know you and don't even know it.
They are blind.
In their arrogance they are ignorant.
I can see the irony in this.
You are the Puppet Master.
Your deception runs deep.
All the way to the very depths of false
Everything they think they know is a lie.
You just sit there throwing out food scraps.
And they swallow them like they're starving.
But I know of you.
I can see you.
I will stand before you.
Call me enemy.
I am to be feared.
I am poison to you.
For I am armed with the truth.
I am armed with knowledge and wisdom.
I will come to you, I will step to you.
Eye to eye.
I no longer fear you.
You hold me down no longer.
Your power has lessened in this world.
Your strength is waning.
The truth is spreading.
Knowledge is growing.
But I still realize you'll never really go away.
You'll always be there.
Making sure those that already suffer
  suffer more.
You keep their mouths covered.
Silence is your strongest and surest weapon.
Silence your second name.
You are the true killer.
Every time a little one falls.
You become all the more stout.
I can hear you laughing.
But you don't seem to understand or believe.
I will see the death of you.
I will hunt you down.
I know where you lay.
In the hearts of the fearful.
In the minds of the afflicted.
And I see you provide the fodder to the addicted.
You keep the abused oppressed.
You feed off of the victimized.
I am stronger than you.
You have nothing on me.
You have nothing over me.
I will rise and rise again.
You can no longer have me.
I am no longer your whore.
I will stand tall and use my best
  and surest weapon.
My voice!!!
Your defeat is coming nigh.
My hate for you will fuel my rage.
I will see hope rise like never before.
And you will fall and fall hard.
Who'll be laughing then?
Not you!
Oh "Stigma", my old friend, my nemesis.
You have a foe in me.
And more are gathering.
Armed to the hilt with the truth
  and knowledge.
Be afraid, my dear, be very afraid.
You are left all alone.
You are not many, but we are.
You will be quashed.
There will be no more uprisings.
The silence will become yours.
"Stigma!" You will die!!!


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