Keep the home fire burning.
I'm coming home soon.
Al my paths lead to one destination.
I'm coming home to You.
No matter how weary I grow.
I will stay the journey.
I have but one resolve.
I am staring at the horizon.
There's a new one with each new day.
Hope is the fire in me driving me on.
So put more coal on and keep stoking the fire.
I am still heading forward.
Nothing can stop me now.
I am determined.
I am coming home to You.
No matter how far.
No matter how long it takes.
No matter how hard.
No matter how steeply inclined.
This journeyman will keep on, sojourning on.
My faith is solid.
No one will hold me back.
No one will stop me.
I will push forward.
I will push through.
I can see the flame burning in the window.
I am coming home to You.
This prodigal son is coming back to You.


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