You were so beautiful.
You had eyes like stars.
And the wings of an angel.
But you were shot down.
You crashed and burned.
It was more than you could take.
The storm's surge washed you away.
Taking all that you were with it.
You're never going to return.
A piece of the world died with you that day.
All Heaven and the Earth mourned for you.
There was great weeping.
As the angels fell to their knees crying in agony.
Some light went out of the world when yours did.
There's nothing to say.
There's nothing to do.
You are gone.
It's too late.
Mourning and anger won't solve a damn thing.
You cannot fight what already was.
Once gone there's no coming back.
The tears aren't going to do anything.
You can feel sorry for yourselves all you want.
You can say: "But I didn't mean to."
  all you want.
It does not change a thing.
What's done is done.
You will have to live with it the rest of your lives.
Her beauty is now a withered flower.
Beyond bringing back to life.
It is too late.
Everything failed this time.
As in too many times before.
Talking has failed.
Educating has failed miserably.
No one did a thing as usual.
Everyone turned a blind eye.
She was left all alone to crawl into a ditch
  just wanting to die.
How could anyone wish evil on another?
Where is the love in this world?
Is there any truth in this world?
God why did You have to let this happen?
Why did You not put a stop to any of this?
It's so hard for me to believe in You
  when You allow this to happen over and over
I may go to Hell for this.
But I just do not see a loving God right now.
It seems like you turned Your back.
You seemed to have broken Your promise 
  to never forsake any one child.
You said You'd never let anyone go through
  anything that was too much for them.
Why did You break these promises?
I fail to see any reason.
I fail to see any purpose.
I just plain fail to see why.
How was Your will done in this evil act?
How was this for Your glory?
That would make You a god of hate.
If Jesus was there with her all the time, 
  why did He do nothing?
As He stood idly by.
It seems to me He did nothing to comfort 
  and soothe her.
Why did the healing never come?
God where was Your Spirit?
All questions that will never have any answers.
God, I don't mean to blame You for the evil that
  men do.
But it's so damned frustrating and angering
  to see this kind of thing happen continually.
God I beg of You, do not let this young girl's
  death be in vain.
Let whatever You are trying to voice be heard
  loud and clear.
I plead of You, down on hands and knees.
Let this girl's death have a voice.
Even if just to one person.
Don't let anyone feel they have no other choice.
Than to take the last resort.
No one should have to suffer like this.
May more and more people see this and
  do something to stop it.
Are not all the young one's life precious 
  in Your sight?
Please Lord, I am trusting in You solely
  and wholely.
Please do not let me down.
My heart is breaking.
My soul is aching.
A piece of me died with this young girl.
I was once her, You saved me.
Why was my life worth more than hers?
I'd give my life and even my soul just to
  have her back and to know that she knows
    that she's loved and beautiful.
God please use me to voice this to those vulnerable
  the most.
The youth of today.
The future of this world.
God please, please, send me.
Someway, somehow, I will go.
With Your Spirit in me guiding me.
I will have not one more young soul be snuffed out
  like a little candle.
I will see to the end of all abuse.
This will be my cross to bear.
This will be the burden I can never lay down.
I will follow You wherever that may be.
No matter how hard it may be.
Put those in my life that will help me.
Please don't let me down and remove all doubt.
I am a willing voice.
I will stand and be counted.
I will not be ignored.
My voice will be a mighty roar
I will carry this young girl's name 
  engraved onto my heart wherever I go.
Till the day I die.
Her death will not be in vain.
Lord I ask You to make it so.
May the name Amanda Todd be remembered
  by all.
I hope she is there with You, with no more tears.
With no more suffering, hurt or pain.
May there be healing brought to all her harms.
This is my voice.
This is my prayer.
Bring voices to the silence.
So that the silence so many suffer in needlessly.
Suffer no more.
So that silence will not be the true killer,
  but rather, the victim this time.


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