This is the final heartache.
The final loneliness.
The last victim.
Arise a conqueror.
Take back what was taken.
Stand and hold your ground.
'Neath these scorched crimson skies.
Revival burns hot, bright.
Redemption is begun.
Salvation has arisen, alive.
The Spirit comes, a mighty rushing fire.
You are, not not.
Raise your clenched fist in defiance.
Hold yourself high.
Strength immortal.
Death is the only mortal here.
Impale the head of sin on a steak 
  for all to see.
Give notice that the sting is no more.
There was the sacrifice for this victory.
Awaiting you, you will savour
  the Divine glory.
Not descent but a ascendance.
You are the rightful heir.
Your resistance, blessed.
You are assured.
Your eternal rest awaits.
Not nothing now.
Legion is now nothing.
Cast out and drowned.
Your tears have washed
   the blood from your face.
The rage you now harbour is righteous.
Spit in the face of fear.
Love has cast it off.
Hope is in the eternal unseen.
This reality is temporary, soon to pass.
Moot, null and void.
Choke and suffocate no more.
Your paths are now level.
But you are not done yet.
The journey still stretches out before you.
Your destiny is your destination.
Your death will be your life infinite.
Let rapture be yours.
You will do more than just last.
You will do more than just hold out.
You will march forward.
Your shield and two-edged sword in your hands.
Your foe is oblivious to that the battle 
  is already won.
The war is over.
Let loose the cry of victory.
Bend down to one bloodied knee.
Bow a scarred head.
In reverence to the Divine victory.
This day is yours, you live free.
Life awaits you.
Choose beloved, choose wisely.
Guard your heart.
Guard your mind.
Guard your soul.
Although defeated your foe still lurks.
Seeking to devour and destroy.
Be wary, be vigilant.
Although victorious.
The fallen is more enraged than ever.
He seeks vengeance.
He will not savour it.
Eternity is yours.
Remain guarded.
In the Divine stronghold and mighty tower.
Rise and rise again, till lambs become lions.


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