Down on bloodied knees.
Surrounded by hell's horde.
The Legion thinks me defeated.
I growl: "Come, bring it!"
I rise to my feet.
Slightly unbalanced.
But with a cold steel resolve in my heart.
I will make my stand right here.
Right here, right now.
With a molten fire in my heart.
With a storm of destruction in my soul.
I will raze this place down.
"Legion, you will know the extent
  of my rage and hatred for you."
I scream at the formidable figure before me.
But I fear not.
For he will fall before he gets even 
  a little close to me.
For there is One who goes before me.
There is One who will fight for me.
Hell was defeated a long time ago.
Death lost its sting that day.
And victory was assured.
The grave was no more.
His sacrifice attained the victory.
With my belief I was given eternity.
This is why I do not fear.
"Legion, you can bend me, but I will not break!"
"You can put me down, you can hold me down,
   but you cannot keep me down!"
"Push me up against a wall, but you will
   just anger me more, know this; I am coming out
    and I will be coming out fighting."
This is the battle cry that broke the crimson 
  sky above,
Raining down fire and scorching the ground.
That fire was the Holy Spirit of God.
In His righteous anger and rage He raised
  up that fire, consuming Legion.
Many no more.
Let a shout rise up over all the land.
The Christ, the Saviour is mighty to save!
And I am not afraid!


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