All that I have done.
I cannot erase.
It still haunts me.
It will never escape me.
It's always inside of me.
Sometimes weighing me down.
I know I am just not strong enough
  to carry on with all of this.
Oh, how I want to lay it all down.
Dig a grave and bury all of it.
Let it rot and decay.
Say my piece then it's good-bye.
I can no longer stay here.
Tormented by all of my past.
So I'm moving on.
The best I can.
But sometimes I can't help
  but to look back.
Wondering if it remains with me.
But I turn my gaze ahead.
Doing my best to forget and to forgive.
I have done a lot of hurt.
I have done a lot of hate.
All to myself.
And I bear those scars.
A beautiful reminder of just how
  far I have come.
I am mindful of the healing grace.
And the love that wrapped around this
  broken man.
Giving me hope and faith for the future.
Here I am right here.
Someday yesterday will carry me into tomorrow.
And it will be a brand new day again and again.
All that I have done.


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