I can see You on the wind.
I feel the warmth of Your glow upon my face.
My heart breathes Your Name.
My soul calls for You.
I feel Your touch upon me.
I know of You.
I stand with Your strength.
I am under Your grace.
You shine down on me.
I can feel myself rise.
I sail off beyond the heavens.
I can see myself soar.
I inhale You.
I exhale Your love.
These are my tears.
For I love You.
I know You.
I can touch You.
You touch me.
I am come alive.
I stand on You.
You uplift me.
I cry for You.
Oh Lord, reign down on me.
Pour all over me.
I await You.
Here am I.
I am for You.
I exclaim Your Name.
For all the nations to hear and see.
You are Holy...
You are Holy...
You are Holy!
And I bow down before Your radiance.
I kneel on bended knee.
 I will shine...
I will shine...
I will shine for You.

(Scott David Buckley-01/08/2012)

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