I believe there is still hope for this world.
God has not forsaken us yet.
Even though we have rebelled against Him.
He has held steadfast.
Remaining true to Himself.
He has remained faithful.
His love is true.
His grace is without end.
I have fallen many times.
I am all covered in blood red mud and mire.
I can hardly tell it's me.
I am the prodigal one.
Who has wandered far and wide.
To the four corners of this earth.
I lived foolishly.
Now all I have is nothing.
I am standing before my Father cold,
  and naked.
He does not turn any away.
For He loves us so.
He moves all Heaven and Earth just
  to get to any one who is lost and alone.
Faithful til the end.
This is the hope I hold onto.
This the hope that this world needs.


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