I am a slave.
I follow after my own means.
I am deaf.
Wisdom's voice is stilled within me.
I stand 'neath the fallen night.
With frozen tears burning my face.
I live in stasis.
As the years go on endlessly.
Anxiety of the soul is the noose I wear.
My will imprisons me.
With key in hand.
I cannot escape.
My mind cries out for vengeance.
As fingers wrap 'round my throat.
Watch me falter.
Watch me flail.
I will go down, go down hard.
I will be thrown aside, left behind.
Forgotten, forsaken.
Judgement will crush my heart 
  into oblivion.
My fate is sealed.
The Reaper has come to claim me.
I have become the living dead.
As the flames lick at my feet.
Will I be left as the refuse I am?
Is this my portion?
Uncertainty is my curse.
Will despair finally claim me?
Will the darkness become my kin?
I look ahead only to see my questions
  fall to the crimson ground.
Sin reigns over me.
I am a slave.


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