So many days have gone by.
Almost like a blur.
I blinked and it was all gone.
Oh where did it all go?
All those years.
All those tears.
So much has been lost.
So much was taken.
So much was given away.
I just don't know any more.
Just what exactly happened?
Where did I go wrong?
Sometimes I wish I could go back.
And do it all over.
This time I would get it all right.
Or would I?
Would it turn out any different?
Either way I'm not so sure.
All I know is that I did my very best.
I am not perfect.
But I will keep on trying.
I realize all those days have passed.
I will try to let go of them.
I don't want to be over burdened.
Or weighed down.
No more looking back.
So much lies ahead.
So many years are waiting for me.
So many days are still to come.
I will keep my eyes wide open.
I don't want to miss a thing.

(Scott David Buckley-29/04/2012)

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