Feeling like you are invisible.
But I can see you.
Feeling so much hurt and pain from so many harms.
I can feel all that you feel too.
Every night you bury your face in your pillow to hide your tears.
And to muffle your screams and cries.
I see it all, I hear it all.
You cannot see me.
But I am right there with you.
Right there, right now.
I am holding you.
Do you feel me?
I am not going anywhere.
I'll not leave you, not now, not ever!
I will not give up on you.
I will never forsake you.
I promise.
You are such a mess?!
I see you as beautiful, because you are.
Do not let your feelings and emotions lie to you.
Don't you believe them.
Don't let yourself be deceived.
I believe in you.
I love you.
I don't care about anything, I only care about you.
I moved all Heaven and Earth just to be here with you.
I have so much to give.
My love, it's yours for the taking.
Here's my hand.
See the scars on my wrists?
See the scars on my face?
I have suffered too.
I have felt torment and torture.
I understand you and all you go through all too well.
It brings tears to my eyes to see you cry in such pain.
It breaks my heart to see all that you live.
But, I am still there with you.
I just wanted you to know.



I'd love to know what you think of this poem.