It isn't about me.
It isn't about you.
We are but single grains of sand on an endless desert.
We are but single drops of water in a vast ocean.
I'm not here for me.
I'm not here by me.
I am not me because I am.
It's not because "I think therefore I am."
I am but a fool.
And I can be found often playing with my folly.
No one is created for unto themselves.
No one is created just to live.
And no one is here alone, nor left on their own.
We all have purpose.
We all have reason.
We have received our own measure.
No one can plead ignorance.
We are all, each and every one, created for and by our Creator.
The Creator of all things.
The Lord over all.
Thee One Most High.
Thee One True God.
Who loves us all so much.
More than you and I will ever know.
It is not what we as men can comprehend.
Created in His image.
As He is spirit, we too are spirit.
The seen selves are but illusions.
We are His Chosen.
God over all, the holder of the whole world.
He calls us His children.
We were created in love for love.
Born to love.
Love that is forgiving and that is for giving.
To love as He loves.
This is how we show our love for Him.
If we love Him we will keep his commands.
God, our Lord Almighty, alone is worthy.
To God all praises, to God all honour, to God all glory.
This is our reason, and our purpose.


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