Yes, I am sick.
True, I am ill.
That does not mean I am afflicted.
God does not hate me.
The devil does not have his claws dug into
I am not evil.
I am not condemned for what I am.
That is not for you to say.
My illnesses are not who I am.
And you know not who I am.
For you are a blind fool.
I pity you.
For being so arrogant in your ignorance.
You know nothing about me.
How can you say what is right for me?
How can you tell me how to think?
How can you tell me how to be?
How can you tell me who I should be?
You cannot even help yourself.
So, how can you possibly bother with me?
Live and let live.
Do not look at me.
You cannot see me.
Still you presume to judge me.
All that you say that I am.
Oh, how I pity you.
And your feeble way of thinking.
Do not look down upon me.
I am not below you.
I am no different than you.
I am alive.
I have feelings.
I have emotions.
I have wants.
I have needs.
But, I have lived a different life than you.
I do have different experiences.
I have gone through different trials.
I am not you.
Can you not see that you are not me?
I walk my own path.
I have my own reality.
Just as you walk your own path.
Just as you have your own reality.
You cannot say anything to the contrary.
As I cannot you.
You can leave now.
I do not need your negativity in my life.
Nor do I want any.
I will not allow any.
Keep all your negativity to yourself.
You will not drag me down with you.
I will not follow you down into your
That is for you and you alone.
I have my own.
It is for me and me alone.
I will walk far away from here, from you.
This is where I separate.
I will burn away where you have touched
I will not ingest your disease.
I will not allow you any more room in my
I will not allow you take any more from
I will live.
I will continue to live.
Just as long as there is no you.
You are dead to me.
Soon I will forget about you.
This is your end and my beginning.
My life starts now.
Everyday will be brand new.
With no you.
I can now breathe in deep my own life.
I am free.
And free means I can be me.
That is who I will be from now on.
Oh, does it not feel so good!
What a wonder it is to be alive.
Alive according to me.
Indeed, it is a wonder, to me.


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  1. I alone have the power to choose and decide for myself.
    No one else can, nor can they tell me what and how to.
    No one means well if they dare presume to offer unsolicited well meaning comments.
    Those comments are just barriers.
    Back away from this MY life.
    If I want your opinion I will give it to you.


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