Your view is distorted.
You are watching my life.
Watching as I try to live as best I can.
Looking down on me as I endlessly toil.
In your eyes I always fail.
Because I am not just like you.
I do not want to be just like you.
I can never be.
I am having enough trouble being just me.
And why do you keep trying to be me?
Trying to get me to be you.
You are quite certain that you are right.
I am wrong.
Your life is your life.
My life is my life.
You will not let me tell you how to live your life.
Then stop telling me how to live mine.
I have grown so weary of your judgments over me.
I will never be able to measure up to your expectations.
I barely meet mine.
That is all I can handle.
All that I can do.
I will forget about you.
I expect you will forget about me and my life.
Go on, move on with yours.
I will move on with mine.
You go your path.
I will go mine.
If ever we meet again, it will be too soon.
I don't need your negativity.
This is good-bye.
Fare thee well.
This is the end of it all.
I'll not miss you at all.
I have not the time to maintain any thoughts of you.
I will focus.
I will stray no more.
The end.


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