You were there waiting for me when-- 
   I made my entrance into this world.
You gave me two names for this life.
I was given to you, you were given--
    to me.
We would be father and son.
You watched over me as I grew.
You did your best to teach me-- 
   what was right and true.
You showed me the way to go.
You gave me your love.
I gave you mine.
Although never spoken.
We each knew in our hearts.
You watched me as I stood on--
   my own.
You watched me as I began--
   to think for myself.
You laughed as I would not listen--
   to anyone.
I had become a man, my own man.
I saw the pride in your eyes.
As wide grew your smile.
I knew your love for me would--
   be with me forever.
Then silently you left me and went--
You fell asleep and awoke in eternity,
Although I miss you here.
I celebrate your life and it's--
   continuance in glory.
Beneath the pain there is joy.
For I know we will be together again.
I thank God for you.
Till we see each other again...


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