I have been here before.
With my head held in my hands in shame.
Hands stained with blood.
Tears are falling down on me like rain.
I have driven another nail into Your body.
I have betrayed You again.
I have disowned You again.
I was one of the ones who ran away from You.
I have denied who I am.
I have turned my back on You.
More times than I care admit to.
I am just a man. I am a sinner, I am weak.
All poor excuses, if even that.
I chose to walk away.
I chose to hide deep within myself.
Hoping no one would find me.
And I'd be free from life.
I'd be free from the world.
They left me alone.
They left me behind.
This freedom turned into a curse.
I was devouring myself from the inside out.
Slowly trying to painfully kill myself.
Oh, I loved You so.
I felt it deep in my heart and soul.
Still I plunged my fist into Your chest
   and ripped out Your heart.
But You did not die.
You did not retaliate.
You did not punish.
Even in your pain and grief.
You did not leave me as all others had.
You remained.
Always faithful.
Never failing.
You still loved me.
As I was, such as I was.
You loved me just the same.
Nothing in Heaven or on Earth
   or even under the earth could keep
    You from me.
You always moved all Heaven and 
   Earth just to save me.
To save me from myself.
I don't understand why You bother.
I don't understand why You care.
I know I have given You many reasons not to.
Still You remained, right by my side, faithfully.
You are the reason that I can finally see.
Just how much You love me.
No matter how little I show any love for You.



I'd love to know what you think of this poem.