Can you even see me?
Do you care at all?
Am I invisible?
Can you even hear me?
Does it matter?
Am I ignored?
I am me.
I am alive.
No I'm not okay!
That's okay with me.
Tell me different?
How can you?
You do not even know me.
You refuse to do so.
Yet you presume you can tell me what is
  right for me.
Tell me how I should be.
Put me in a marked box if you want.
That just shows your ignorance.
I'm sorry to say.
It is just too bad, you are missing out 
  in knowing me.
You will never know who I am.
What I am capable of.
I pity you.
You still insist on ridiculing me.
You still sit in judgement over me.
But after all is said and done, I am so above 
  you and what you are all about.


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