You have always loved me.
I have only hurt You.
No matter what I do or say You remain by me.
I just do not understand why.
I cannot comprehend love such as Yours.
Boundless and unfailing.
I always walk away from You.
But You always come after me.
Just like when the Good Shepard 
   left the ninety-nine just for the one.
My wanderlust gets the better of me.
It is so enticing.
Still You remain faithful.
You remain true to Yourself.
Your love and grace are so far reaching.
To the four corners of the earth and beyond.
I just cannot deny Your love for this poor
   excuse for a man.
But I know I am of need of that perfect love.
All my hurt, pain and harms.
You just gently touch and bring soothing 
    and comfort while healing them.
These cuts You cover making them become
   beautiful scars.
They testify of Your love, not just for me,
   but for one and all.
All I can say is "Thank You my Saviour Lord."
It's not much but it's all I have.
I can only hope it will be enough.
Somehow I know it is.
Your love far outshines my love for You.
Considering my love is finite.
I'm only a poor man after all.
Still Your love surpasses that.
I am alive simply because You love me.
And extraordinarily You love this man,
  such as I am.
I will hold onto You, I know 
   You will never let me down.
And You love me even when I cannot.
You love me when I will not.
I am taken by Your love.
I am overcome by Your love.
I breathe You in.
You bring me back to life.
You save me.


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