The storms are many.
The crashing waves of the surge wash over me.
Drowning me.
My mouth is open, I swallow it all.
I can't even choke it down.
All in a blink of an eye.
Then all is black.
As the cold of the depths embraces me.
As if this is where I belong.
A deep, dark grave.
How is it than I can still see 
   a single sliver of light?
Is it real?
Or is it just the sirens' song that I hear?
I am heavy as an anchor.
Weighing myself down.
But I feel myself rising.
Floating upwards, ever slowly, but upwards still.
I can feel hope rising within me as well.
My eyes open wide.
As my lungs begin to expand once again.
As my head breaks the surface.
With light and brightness embracing me now.
The storm is gone.
The dark waters have receded.
I can stand once more.
On dry land.
Everything is intact.
Nothing was lost.
I breathe in the sweet air of salvation.
I am alive.
I will live.


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