I see the world through dark sight.
The world is blind.
It's impending implosion is drawing nigh.
All seems hopeless.
All seems lost.
There doesn't seem any reason to carry on.
The black and white have been marred into one
  becoming seemingly grey.
But that still leaves a question.
What does that mean?
It seems we are making excuses for our sin.
I see the world bled of all colour.
As the sun burns red.
The world is cracked.
The world is crumbling apart.
Has love left us behind?
And truth has become a lie.
With fact being fiction.
Fiction being the new religion.
We follow so blindly.
Believing we are walking in faith.
This is blind faith.
Another truth become lie.
There is no ore belief.
Not in  Man, not in spirituality, not in God, 
  nor in false idols.
We do what we want and damn the
Nor fear of retributions.
No fear of tribulations.
We are alive but we do not know how to live.
We don't even realize the state of the world.
These are dire times.
These are dark times.
These are desperate times.
As for me, I still believe in the good in Man.
I still believe we can learn to be again, 
  to exist again.
I still believe in hope for all of Mankind.
Without hope this world is going to Hell.
It will swallow itself.
So let us love.
Let us revive.
Let us renew.
Let us live, and not just that, but thrive.
We're all out of chances.
We've used up all nine of our lives.
This is it.
This is the time.
Right now, right here.
Let us hold each other tight.
And let us love.


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