Love raised me from my deep, dark depths.
Put me back on my feet.
Then assured me that I would be loved 
  for all of eternity.
I may continue to fall, I am a man after all.
Prone to wander.
But love always come after me
  and takes me back home where I belong.
The loneliness in me is now gone.
The cursed darkness has followed it.
Now I am free.
A slave no more.
I can see the Son shining over me.
The guilt and shame are now dead.
Now I can see all the beauty all around me.
I feel alive for the first time.
With love in my heart.
My heart can now breathe and expand.
No more bounds, no more barriers.
There is free life in me.
Love is for me.
Love is for sharing too.
That I can do.
Love is for giving, and love is forgiving.
Of this I can testify.
Love gives me hope in myself.
I thought hope was dead in me.
But now I can feel the hope rising.
I can now soar up above 
  where the angels go.
Above all of the heavens.
Into a starlit sky.
Oh what beauty this is!
This is the love I know, the love 
  I must show.
Radiate, illuminate!


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