If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
  then obviously you have to look deep.
Looking on the outside can be deceptive.
Who the person really is is on the inside.
In the heart and soul is where they hide.
Unseen to most, seen by One.
We are capable of the same.
We're just lazy about it.
It takes time to get to know a person.
Some have many layers.
Some not so much.
It's a true art to be able to look into someone's
 eyes and see their very soul.
But not impossible.
You just have to take the time.
Do not look at someone and expect to see a 
  reflection of yourself.
We are all individuals.
Unique and extraordinary.
Some wear a mask.
Because they've been hurt in the past.
You have to take a chance on them, 
  you just might be surprised at what you find
    behind that mask.
Some are bold.
You must be wary of them.
They tend to think of themselves as something
  they're not.
That's negativity to you.
Still, they're pretending for a reason.
Maybe they've been hurt too.
Either way they are loved by God.
And we can do no less.
If you cannot, then you have nothing to give
  that someone.
Always be yourself, who you really are.
Accept others for who they are no matter what.
Do not judge a person by what you see.
Choose your words carefully.
Everyone is fragile in their own way.


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