I cry, because it's all I can do.
They say "the tears wash away the pain."
I'm still crying, and I'm still feeling the pain.
What else can I do?
I just do not know.
I feel so alone.
Where can I go?
When there's just nowhere to go.
Does anyone really care?
Oh God, get me out of here!
This place is going to be the death of me.
I am tired of living in fear.
I feel as though I was living dead.
I do believe I actually am.
I died the day he first struck me,
  then said he was "sorry."
Every day I die a little bit more.
I have lost all identity.
I am who he says I am.
I am what he says I am.
"Whore," "bitch," "slut," or "skank."
When I look into the mirror that's all I see.
An empty, hollow shell staring back at me.
Oh God, can't you hear me?
I am at the end of me.
There is nowhere to go from here.
Why do I allow myself to be here still?
Why do I allow myself to be this way?
It cannot be all my fault, can it God?
Please show me a way out of here.
Please just hold me.
Let me rest awhile against Your chest.
I haven't had any rest in such a long, long time.
Please take all this pain.
Please take the weakness.
Give me the courage that I need.
Now comes the beginning 
  that I have been waiting for.
Look out world, here I go!
No looking back.
No looking down.
I am gone!


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