The world is always turning.
Life is always changing.
Confusing and frustrating.
The moment is ever passing.
Some day you will be here today, gone tomorrow.
That time will come for everyone.
No escaping it.
These bodies are frail.
What we are living is fleeting.
Time is borrowed.
A small measure given are we.
Use it well.
Choose your words and deeds carefully.
For it always comes back on us all.
Arrogance is foolishness because it always leads 
  to ignorance.
Such a waste of time.
As for me I have wasted way too much time,
  and I have wasted too many years.
More than I care to admit to.
Mine is a life yet to be lived.
I am not the only one.
We all fail miserably.
We all share the very same nature, 
  human nature.
We are all guilty of this sin nature.
We found it when cast out of Eden were we.
We have been looking for Eden ever since.
A fountain of youth, everlasting life.
Down that path there is no everlasting life,
  just death.
As a collective Man is foolish.
So many have been deceived.
So many have deceived.
Liars and fools are we.
God still loves us all.
I don't know why the Father even would bother.
When so many have turned and walked away.
So many have foolishly chosen to believe 
  that they don't believe.
Still God loves each and every one of us.
He calls us His children.
He sent His only begotten Son to die.
So that we may live, live eternally.
People these days just don't seem to have
  any time for God.
When He gives us all the time in the world.
We foolishly waste it on dead-end endeavours
Wicked are these days.
Reincarnated is Sodom and Gomorrah.
We still build so many towers of Babel.
Like the Twin Towers they are all going to burn 
  and fall.
Where is love?
Where is truth?
What we call love is transparent and frail.
What we call truth is actually a lie and false.
Oh God, what ever happened to us?
This isn't how we were meant to be.
It's enough to make me cry.
I imagine You must hurt and cry even more 
  than I.
We are Your chosen and we've all gone astray.
You  could justifiably turn your back on all of us.
Forsake every one of us.
Yet, He is true to Himself.
He remains faithful.
We are so undeserving.
Yet, His grace, love and mercy remains.
I just do not understand His love for me, for all.
How He always forgives time after time 
  after time after time.
How many chances are we going to get?
Will His patience ever run out?
We deserve for His wrath to come on us hard.
Even after all is said and done,
  His love will still be ours.
I heard Him say.
To me, I see it as a promise of a lifetime.
Still I will walk away willingly.
Go my own way, wanting to live my own way.
On my own terms.
I just will not learn!
I choose the hard way every time.
More of my time wasted.
Our borrowed time is almost gone.
Still we keep on, as do I.
This is my hope: Jesus loves me.
Even after all, I am, we are, still loved.
A love unfathomable, a love indescribable,
  a love unconditional, a love forever unfailing.
So unworthy are we.
I think I'm beginning to see.
That a father never turns away 
  from His children.
A father never gives up on His children.
It makes me cry.
I can finally see.
Life is all about love, His love for us.
We can live because of His love only.
It was His grace alone that saved us.
All those that believe.
So many do not or are indifferent.
So is the world, always turning.
Life, it will keep on changing.
So we keep on as we were.
Not realizing that the only true constant is
  that we can always trust in that God loves us
   all equally.
Now that is life changing!


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