I know how much that I need You.
I show it time after time.
As I fall face first down in the dirt.
But then You lift me back up again.
You put my feet on solid ground.
This is why that I need You all the time.
Left to myself I am always getting lost.
Still You come after me every time.
I am nothing without You.
You are always right here with me, holding me.
When I cry You wipe the tears away.
You always comfort me.
The only thing I know, the only thing I'm sure of
  in my life.
Is that You will always love me no matter what I do.
And will always remain at my side.
I can always hold on to You.
Knowing You will never let me down.
I will always go running to You.
For I know You are always there for me,
  here with me.
Always, all the time, for all time.


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