It's hard to find meaning in life.
I don't know why men do the evil they do.
Why do they children have to go missing,
  never to return?
How can a father or mother steal innocence
  from their own children,
I have to wonder; where is God in all this?
Why does He allow all this to happen?
I have no answers.
I don't understand all that goes on in life.
I don't understand the state of the world.
So many nations come against nations.
I don't know why.
My own country seems to be in such upheaval.
So many have no homes.
So many live beneath the poverty line.
They are forced to choose whether to feed the family
  or pay to keep the electricity on.
So many are forced to beg for food and shelter.
I don't know why.
I don't know if there's any solution to all this.
It's how it's been throughout all of history.
Everyone seems to blame God.
I have to question that.
Seems to me that man does as he wills.
Seems to me evil exists because man is
  why men do the evil that man does.
Why does God not put a stop to it all?
Seems like He lets the devil and Legion roam
  around free of binds.
I question whether it's fair to blame God for
  all this.
Man made his own sin nature.
Man allowed Legion into this world.
 I don't have any answers for everything.
I'll never know why.
I will never point the finger accusing just any one.
I don't know who's to blame for anything.
So much goes on one has to shake his head.
As for me, I constantly sit with my head
  in my hands, crying.
I know the real problem with the world is me.
As you should know the real problem with
  the world is you.
The world is never going to change.
Till we change ourselves.
I know, I believe we can change ourselves.
Then the world can start to change.
Only together as one, with hearts of love, can we
  hope to change this world.
As God never forsakes His children, I know
  He will never forsake our world.
But it's up to you, it's up to me, to become the change.
You see, we are this world.
It's up to us to let hope keep on rising.
We all need hope.
Without hope we have nothing.
And we're right back where we were.
I believe. NO! I know we can change this world
  all together.
All together now.
Be the light in this dark world.
Be the change in this world.
As for me, I'm standing here, a broken man
  looking into a broken mirror.
Attitude is everything and everything
  begins with me.
Here is where it's going to start.
I will reach out my hand.
Another will reach out their hand.
Then another still will reach out.
Before we know it we'll find ourselves 
  working together.
And the world will be better for it.
All because we allowed love into our hearts.
And that love grew and spread.
Only together as one people, one family, can
  we bring about the change.
God said, "Do everything with love."
Love is what changes every thing.
But only if we allow that change to
  happen within ourselves.
It's up to me.
It's up to you.
We can change, we can be the change.
The love of a Saviour is what this world needs.
It's what we need.
It's time we realized.
Each one of us is the meaning.
Each one of us is the reason.
Each one of us is the purpose.
Each one of us are why our lives are.
Hope in love is what will give us all these.
God's Spirit is inside us all for a reason.
Not to just make us feel good.
But to spur us to be better than we are.
So much more than we are.
You see, the sum of everything is us.
What we put in, or what we take out.
I'm not going to give any false hope.
The harsh truth is: this world we live in
  is never going to change.
Legion is just too powerful and strong.
But at least we can do our very best.
Remembering that best will always be enough.
Anything you give is a lot.
You can give the last of what you have.
And it will be worth more than anything.
This world is the way it is.
It will continue on.
But we can still be a difference.
We can still make a change.
Believe it in your Heart of Hearts and it
  will truely be so.
This is what revival is.
In a world that doesn't care.
Full of people who don't either.
Still, I believe there is hope for all.
Don't let your light be hidden.
Let it shine, let it ignite the world.
Even the dimmest light can shine so bright.
Even if they don't want to see it.
Even if you be persecuted, it will happen.
Love is all you can offer.
Love is all you can give.
Don't stop being the light.
Don't stop being the change.
Follow your heart, it always seems to know
  just where it's going.
Even if you never see any change in your lifetime.
You just keep on.
Bring no revolution.
Bring no rebellion.
Rather, let that little light of yours shine.
Fire always spreads when allowed to.
This is what will waken people.
This is what will bring revival.
It all starts with me.
It all starts with you.
Worry not.
I don't think any answers will answer
  the questions of the world.
It's so easy to be "anti".
Lets choose to not.
Choose hope.
The world and all the evil in it will continue on.
As it always has down through the millenniums.
Corrupt, evil and still with beauty and love.
It's how you view the world that makes
  the world you see, what it is.
And your character is what will make you view
  the world as it is.
Stop asking why this happens.
Stop asking why that happens.
Men will continue doing the evil they do.
You don't have to let it change you.
Only you can do that.
God gave you free will for a reason.
That reason is different for each individual.
Each man, woman, and child.
As for me, today, I choose hope, hope in faith.
I breathe in deeply and I say to myself:
  "My, what a wonderful world!" "My,
      what a wonderful life!"
Even though it's so hard to see.
When believing is the hardest part.
With the sky falling and the world itself 
  crumbling down before us.
This is the world where I am.
I am a part of it.
The world I see chokes me as tears
  slowly inch their way down my face.
I look at this world, the world I see.
I can't stop no. I can't stop, NO!
The change will be with me.
I will not try to change anything or any one.
But I will love, just as I should.
I will be a friend.
I don't have all the answers for the questions
  of this world.
I will just say: "Let us love, let us love always."


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