You don't have to leave.
Please don't leave.
I know your misery.
I know your agony.
I know of all your hurt and pain.
I am right here with you for a reason.
"Child of mine, you are mine 
  and I love you, more than you know."
I just want you to stay.
I have only love for you, beloved.
Let me tear down your walls.
Let me come in.
Let me come close.
I just want to hold you.
Please don't be afraid.
You can always trust me.
Hold onto me, I will not ever let you down.
All your tears I have kept each one of them.
Your tears are my tears.
As you suffer from the torment as do I.
Please, I just want to hold you.
Please, I just want to love you,
I am here when no one else is.
Doesn't that say something?
I know about everything.
I can see it all.
You may lay it all on me.
I will hold you.
I will carry you all the way back home if need be.
Here I am.
Please don't leave.
Let me take all your misery.
Let me take all your agony.
I am willing to take it all.
All as my own.
You don't have to suffer any more.
You can rid yourself of all your hurt and pain.
I can see it all, I know of it all.
"Baby just come to me."
"I am your Father and I love you more."
I an see you.
I know you.
I know exactly who you are.
You are not forgotten.
You are not left behind.
I am still here.
You are not forsaken.
I moved all Heaven and Earth just to get to you.
I left all the ninety-nine just to come for the one
  that is you.
I love you baby.
I care more than you will ever know.
The universe can just wait.
Heaven and Earth can wait too.
Right now there is only you that I see.
I am right here.
I am right there with you.
I will go wherever you go.
I will follow you into am empty bed.
I will find you in an empty bottle.
I will be there as you hold another needle.
I don't care 'bout all that.
I just want to love you. 
Please let me love you.
Please don't, you don't have to leave.
If you so choose.
Know that I will go with you.
Wherever you choose to hide.
Whoever you pretend to be.
Whatever you do.
Whatever you say.
I will and am always there.
Oh child, my baby, you don't have to.
You're free to leave if you choose to.
I will not stop you.
As much as it hurts me.
The rain are all my tears shed over you.
And in the cold, driving rain am I.
I am still holding you.
I am not giving up now, not after 
  all of your tears.
When no one is there.
When you're left all curled up into
  some cold and empty room.
Shivering from the fear.
Just close your eyes, there I am.
Just get up, turn around, there I am.
There I am always, I always have been.
Baby you don't have to.
Baby you don't have to leave.
Give me all your burdens.
The misery, the agony, the hate, the rage.
The desperation, the fear, the hurt, the pain.
You don't have to leave.
I will go with you even to the very four corners
  of the earth.
Just turn around, there I am.
I don't care about where you've been.
I don't care about what you've done.
I don't care about who've you been with,
Baby, just take my hand.
I will pick you up and carry you far away
  from here.
Do what you must.
Just know it will break my very heart.
I alone love you.
I alone care 'bout you.
I can give you so much.
I already have.
Baby please, just let me love you.
Baby, just let me.


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