This darkness is so complete.
Too hard to find my way.
I stumble, I fall.
I'm cut, bruised and bleeding.
I feel I cannot go on.
I am just too tired.
I have lost the will to continue.
I am so cold.
I am so afraid,
Here is where I am, lost.
My hope wanes as time continues.
This just might be my tomb.
And the silence is so deafening.
The only sound I hear is the beating
  of my own heart.
I guess that's something I can hold onto.
I am still alive.
What hope is left I will cling to tightly.
It's all I have, it's all I have left.
I've lost everything else.
Nothing else matters anymore.
Where is my rescue?
Does anyone know I am lost here?
Does anyone even know where I am?
And what state I am in.
I will wait right where I am.
Hoping someone will find me.
"Oh, where are you?" I quietly cry.
My tears flow freely.
I don't know how long I will last
  down here on my own.
I am still breathing.
My heart is still beating.
As long as I am I will keep holding onto
  the hope for rescue.
Waiting here to be lifted up and out.
I still believe, it's all I can do.
So I wait on you.
Whoever you are.


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