I am not what you think.
I have been lying to you.
I was getting away with murder.
I hid the blood on my hands well.
I pulled you in.
I fooled you with my charms.
You never even saw me coming.
You let your guard down.
That's when I moved in for the kill.
I made what was yours my own.
And you didn't even know it.
Now it's too late.
There is no getting back what was 
  given away.
You were such an easy target.
I pulled you down.
While whispering in your ear.
You never saw that it was me.
You still deny everything.
You don't want to admit to anything.
But I am telling you the truth.
What once was is now gone.
And it's all on you.
No laying of the blame on me.
You were so willing.
Now I just laugh.
As you continue to dig the hole deeper.
It's no longer me.
You're the one taking you down.
You're the one lying to yourself.
My job here is done.

(Scott David Buckley-27/04/2012)

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