Night comes down.
Shadows fall.
All senses fail.
I am all alone here.
Naked and afraid.
With nowhere to turn.
Nowhere to find refuge.
On the run.
Nowhere to hide.
I feel eyes watching me.
I feel hot breath breathing down my neck.
I am growing weary.
I am only losing ground.
All else has failed.
My scars are bleeding.
I hit rock bottom.
I just break right through.
I keep falling.
No looking up.
No looking forward.
No silver linings for me.
I do not even know what that means!
I think I feel hopeless.
So, this is what it is like.
To feel nothing.
To feel like nothing.
I do not like this!
I do not want to accept this!
I will NOT accept this!
Just because I am weak does not mean that I am not strong.
I still have fight in me.
I do not believe in hopelessness.
I will not have any hopelessness.
There is always hope.
Hope always rises.
When all else fails.
Hope does not.
I will hold onto hope with all I am.
It's not much, I know, but it's all I have.
I know hope will never let me down.
Not now!
Not ever!
Hope is believing no matter what comes down.
Hope is faith that is unshakable.
Hope is that strength in weakness.
When I bleed hope is the healing.
In the midst of chaos hope is what comforts me.
When I feel like I do now, wanting to just give up.
Hope whispers, "Give it one more try."
And so I rise.
And so I stand.
And so I resolve.
And so I determine.
With hope in my heart.
I push forward.
I press forward.
I pick up, I carry on.
I walk on, I trudge on.
Hope has me focused.
Hope has ignited a fire in my heart and soul.
I am breathing.
I am alive.
I cannot be consumed.
I will consume.
I will not be overcome.
I will overcome.
Dawn has risen.
Light chases all the shadows away.
Hope makes sense of everything.
Hope leads to refuge.
Hope leads me back home.
Safe and sound in the arms of love.
In the very hands that hold the whole world.
I am no longer afraid.
I fear no evil.
For love is with me.
If not for hope.
There would be no love for me.
I'd still be lost in despair.
Loneliness would be my only companion.
Without hope I would not be.
Hope is everything to me.
Before and after everything, hope is all that I have.



  1. Beautiful Scott, good to know you still have hope. It must be terrible, the bogyman always comes out at night for me too.

    1. The darkness is cold. The darkness is hollow and empty.The darkness is nothing. When trapped within darkness one is nothing. Hope sets all free. Hope carries us all to God's grace, by which we are saved. Hope carries us when we cannot. Hope leads us to the faith that keeps us. Hope leads us to the love we all sorely need, and love is the greatest of all. Hope always remains, hope is always rising.


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